Pine Needle Tea

Thanks to the Delta variant's arrival in the area, I've had numerous people ask me for herbal advice for possible exposure, active COVID, and long term side effects of COVID over the past few weeks, as well as the basic winter crud that seems to be making its appearance again this year. The first thing I mention to nearly everyone is to make some pine needle tea to drink and/or use pine needles for a steam to help loosen sinus congestion and ease lung tightness. Several herbalists have also felt some release from the long term effects of COVID thanks to use of pine remedies, too.

Susannah Schmurak, a local author and fantastic writer, recently wrote a very in depth post about Pine Needle Tea that I think is well worth your time to read. I've suggested this tea to so many people that I decided I should really try it out myself. I have noted a marked improvement in my digestion since drinking it regularly, about once a week. Give it a try and make it part of your regular routine (if you like the taste). Like I tell my kids, "It's not gonna kill you and it just might help".