Plant Walk with Matthew Wood!

The topic for the North Country Herbalist Guild's meeting this month was to be an "Herb Walk with Matthew Wood". Matthew is a well known and much respected herbalist worldwide, author of several excellent books on herbalism, and all around nice guy. It will be held tomorrow evening, 8/12, from 6:30-8:00 and you can participate live via Zoom. You need to register in advance to receive the information for the zoom meeting. I highly encourage you to take this in - he is a fascinating, very knowledgeable herbalist.

Photo of St. John's Wort taken 8/11/20.

Those of you that live in the Northfield area were likely awakened with the thunderstorm and hail on Sunday evening. Most of the herbs in the You Pick Garden came through just fine. Those with large leaves, such as comfrey and elecampane, were shredded, but they will come back just fine and the shredded leaves are providing some lovely mulch around some other plants. A few flowering plants with stiff stems, such as calendula, were broken off, but those, too, will come back just fine. And there is still St. John's Wort flowering, ready to be gathered. So all is well and ready for your visit...

I listened to an interesting podcast recently on fermenting vegetables, "Fermented Foods and Pickles for Gut Health". This seems like a timely topic with the many fresh veggies available right now. I started fermenting carrots, tomatoes/salsa, and other vegetables several years ago and enjoy the process and the health benefits. Click here for the website that my daughter-in-law sent to me that got me started on fermenting vegetables. The salsa only takes one day to ferment and tastes wonderful! Check out the Kraut Source website too- great information, recipes, and fun videos.

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