Plants to Cultivate Stamina and Endurance

Last week, 2/2/21, on The Herbal Highway, Renée Camila gave an excellent overview of our need to build resiliency, strength, and energy in order to "wait something out." We are of course all waiting for this pandemic season to end, uncertain of how or when (or sometimes if) it will be "over". Even without a pandemic, we all wait in expectation, sometimes trepidation, often with uncertainty for something big (or little) to happen (or not). Phew. Along with sufficient, quality sleep, hydration, nourishing diet, and regular movement, she presented herbs that could be quite beneficial in building stamina in order to keep on keeping on.

Here is a list of her herbal suggestions - listen to the podcast for details, dosages, and lots of interesting information. Notice the many herbs that are repeated for different types of support. I am continually amazed by what herbs offer us and how much even a single plant can help us in balancing our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and resiliency.



Reishi and other medicinal mushrooms Root vegetables (eating them)