Put a Little Tingle In Your Tea

Updated: Jan 31

Spilanthes currently blooming in the you pick garden. Pick some "buttons" (fancy name for their unique flowers) to easily dry for winter use.

A little tip: Add some spilanthes to your tea blends for a delightful tingle to your tea! If you have visited the You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden, I have likely "encouraged" you to try some spilanthes buds or greens to feel the tingling numbing sensation in your mouth. I've been adding it regularly to my teapot, now finding tea rather blasé without it.

Along with the tingle, spilanthes will also provide an antiviral and antibacterial punch that could be very helpful with the colds and stomach upsets that always seem to accompany the start of the school year. It could also prove helpful with those nasty seasonal allergies happening righ