Root Digging Dates to be Added

Yes, this is the real reason for writing this post. What better photo could there be for root digging?! One of my proudest moments as a grandma. My Maycie loves helping in the garden!

There are finally some freezing temps in the forecast for the last week of October. What a crazy fall! With that in mind, I am going to add at least one root digging day sometime during the 1st week of November, as I choose to not dig roots until a few days after a good freeze (below 28 degrees). I have been taught that the energy of a plant goes to the roots after the tops die back (result of a good freeze) and have tasted the difference in roots after a freeze. So I will be gathering roots for myself during that week.

I do still plan on digging roots for anyone that wants to, today at 3:30 and tomorrow morning at 10:30, as I know you may have planned your day around digging roots. If you already RSVP'd for either, please let me know if you plan, now, on waiting until later to dig so I can plan accordingly. Thanks!

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