Saying Goodbye to 2021

We're almost ready to bid 2021 farewell. Whew, what a year it has been! I do hope we are each able to look back over the year and recognize areas of growth as we've navigated new ways of getting together with others, both virtually and in-person, with family and friends, some of whose relationships perhaps have become a bit strained. I thank all of you who have been so supportive with our online groups as well as the many fun times spent together at the you-pick garden this past year.

As we are looking ahead to Christmas gatherings, I just want to remind you to eat as healthy as you can (I won't mention limiting sugar as I wouldn't suggest anything I certainly won't be doing myself!), keep moving, and take extra doses of elderberry tincture, syrup, tea, whatever form you have. And shmear (yes, shmear, a favorite term from my herbal mentor, Lise Wolff)) some plantain ointment in your nostrils before being with others to help "catch" viruses of all sorts.

If you are anticipating some strained interactions with others, don't forget to pull out your agrimony tincture, if you have some. Take a few drops yourself and maybe add a few to the family punch or pitcher of water. Just kidding. Or maybe not. I've also been known to put a few drops in a spritzer bottle along with some water and using it as a room spray to "clean the air". I don't understand it all, but it really does seem to help.

Looking ahead to 2022 a bit, check out my Classes page for a book study group starting in January as well as a library presentation I'll be doing on winter health.

And one more tip as we prepare to be with others over the next couple weeks: it is scientifically proven that it is best to hang the loose end of the toilet paper over the roll, not under. You're welcome.