Seasonal Allergies

Tis the season to be wheezin'!

I hear tree pollen is already causing misery for some, which can only mean that the grass pollen season is soon to follow. And of course, the ever miserable ragweed pollen at the end of summer. Remind me - we're glad to see the arrival of spring/summer???

I am thankful to not be bothered by seasonal allergies. However, several people I love (and have to live with) are. Here are a few tips we've found that help.

Vitamin C

My husband found relief several years back with an OTC product, Allergease. In comparing lots of different "natural" allergy relief products, I saw that all included vitamin C. So I proceeded to do some research. Did you know that vitamin C is a fantastic, natural antihistamine? I saw a book at our local library, Doctor Yourself, that encouraged megadoses of vitamin C for curing many ailments. Megadoses, as in 20,000 mg divided throughout the day! There are several powdered versions of straight vitamin C (either ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate) that make this doable.

Here is a chart that you can refer to:

Vitamin C powder is a bit, actually a lot sour, but even my grandkids can gulp it down. So can you.

It's not gonna kill you and it just might help! (My kids love it when I say that to them).

There are several good herbal options out there, too. Here are some of my favorites:

Dandelion root

Burdock root



Stinging Nettle


Elder flower

Linden flower

Ragweed - yes, ragweed. Make a tincture with the upper aerial parts just as it is coming into flower. It can work great in small amounts.

Here is a great article written by Erin Piorier, a great herbalist in St. Paul.

Do you have any tips to share, too?