Settling In-To a New Normal

So, I've been sheltering for almost a week now - and trying to find a new normal in all the

COVID-19 frenzy. For me, it's looking like lots of FaceTime fun with grandsons during the day while my daughter figures out how to work from home, while mothering her boys, 7-years-old and 9-years-old, who love her and her presence with them. Then time for research (one of my greatest obsessions) and answering texts and emails. So if I don't get back to you quickly, that is my excuse!

I am going to start answering questions on these posts, figuring others may be wondering the same things as those asking me questions. Kerry, my husband, tells me I really shouldn't send more than one post a day, so I'll try to keep it down to one a day. But sometimes my research just pours out!

The most common question I'm getting right now is "What herbs are you taking? Translation: "What should I be taking?" Remember, this is simply what I am doing. It is not necessarily what you should be doing - listen to your body - how do you feel a few minutes after taking an herbal product or supplement of any sort, be it a vitamin supplement, herbal tea, essential oil blend, homeopathics, whatever. If you feel a bit fuzzy, tension, pressure, headache, out-of-sorts, whatever, it is likely not for you. Also keep in mind that as I write this, I am not sick and have been sheltering pretty carefully, so am just looking at supporting my immune system at this point.

My daily routine at this point:

I take around 5 drops of my equal parts elderflower/elderberry blend when I get up in the morning and sometime in the evening. Elder has been shown to inhibit or at least slow the virus from spiking to healthy cells. I haven't learned of any other plant that does this as effectively, so will continue to take this tincture daily until either I get sick or the COVID-19 threat is over.

I have a nice cup of any of my favorite green tea blends to relax and spend some time reading my Bible and talking over the day and stuff with God a bit. We have a lot to chat over lately!

Breakfast/Brunch: Sticking with our steel cut oats concoction that we've had for years. Maybe I'll write a post about that soon! I add my Adaptogen Powder, as always, and also add my Vitamin C Boost powder. I've started adding the Vitamin C Boost powder to beverages, yogurt, whatever all day to help keep those levels up - plus it enhances the flavor af pretty much everything! I have a link to the website that I use to make the Adaptogen powder blend on my website. The Vitamin C powder blend is equal parts of everything listed as its ingredients. You can easily make you own of both powder blends (or get them from me, of course).

We usually take a shot of Fire Cider at breakfast, too. Down to a shot just once-a-day for fire cider at this point as I don't want to run out.

Through the day: A good friend gifted me with some beautiful chaga mushroom pieces last summer and I brewed up some chaga tea in my crock pot with some chunks of chaga and some reishi slices that I had on hand. Here is a website about making chaga tea, similar to what I did, except I just kept mine brewing in the crockpot for a few days, drinking it during the day, straining it in the evening and putting the extra in the refrigerator and refilling the crockpot and continually brewing it on warm. Works great! But I got so much tea saved up, I've ended up putting the pieces in the fridge until I can finish up the 2 gallons of tea currently in my fridge and then will start up again. If you have any questions about that, let me know.

Anyway, through the day I use my stored mushroom tea as the base for steeping a variety of teas all day, sometimes more green tea or perhaps mullein or tulsi or anything I feel like through the day. I also use the chaga tea as a base for cooking vegetables, adding to rice, and anything else that might want a little moisture. This is the first time I have bothered to make chaga mushroom tea - I really like it!

I'm also sure to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables through the day, with an apple for sure. I picked up a bag of carrots at Open Hands Farm and have been enjoying an unlimited (it seems) supply of tasty carrots, juiced, raw, and cooked. Some frozen blueberries go into our smoothies, to which I add the Vitamin C Boost powder and perhaps some dandelion root tincture (still my body's favorite). I make our smoothies with kefir that I've made on the counter. I have extra kefir grains if anyone wants some. Just let me know.

If we think about it, we take another 5 drops of the elder tincture again sometime in the afternoon.

We drink plenty of kombucha or Jun tea (I have extra SCOBYs for both - if you want any, just let me know!). I typically add another shot of the Vitamin C Boost blend to yogurt or a fruit/cracker dip that we enjoy with apples or bananas for a snack or dessert.

Meal #2 - Since we are both home all day now, we've cut back to two meals a day - reduce calories a bit since we aren't as active and less work for me! I just try to make everything we eat as healthy as possible - we are what we eat! And as Hippocrates said, "Let food be your medicine"! I try to include garlic in most everything I can, the best antiviral on the planet, in my opinion!

The "chaser" for Meal #2 is typically the Breathe Deep Yogi tea that I've mentioned before, steeped in the chaga mushroom tea. We used to drink it later in the evening, but I found it more difficult to fall asleep, so now drink it earlier in the day.

Before bed, we typically take one more shot of the elderberry/flower tincture, read some in a book, and nod off.

There, that's my day right now. The aim of this post was to show that there is nothing complicated or special about using herbal remedies. I just add herbs in whatever form I can all through our daily routine. There is no right or wrong way - whatever works for you and your family. It's all good.

And keep breathing. Deep. Deep breaths.