Something Herbs Cannot Do!

Herbs Can't Fix Stupid! Okay, that’s perhaps a bit harsh.  But here’s where I’m going with that. 

Herbal remedies support the body’s natural ability to maintain health, to correct imbalances when they occur, and to strengthen defenses against environmental effects. 

However, common sense must prevail.  Otherwise these are the results.  

“I know I eat too much, but is there an herb so I can lose weight?”  

“I know I don’t get enough sleep, but is there an herb to keep me going during the day?”  

“I know I have an injured knee, but is there an herb so I can keep playing volleyball?”  

“I know I consume too much alcohol, but is there an herb to protect my liver?”

Combining herbal remedies with healthy lifestyle choices is the key to vitality.  Herbalism is not a magic fix.  And I’m sorry to report there is no “Love Potion No. 9”.

Have a nice day.