So Many Questions. So Few Answers.

Vaccinations. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Will I get sick? Will it do any good? Will it last? Oh, so many questions with not so many answers. Frankly, my only question is should I get it in my left arm or my right?

Yes, I do get vaccinations. I started getting my annual influenza vaccination when I was working with special needs students years ago to cut down on exposure for the kids. As I’ve never had an issue with getting the shot or a case of influenza since then, I continue getting that annually. I haven’t gotten a shingles shot or pneumonia vaccine yet as those ailments aren’t contagious to others and I feel pretty good with my herbal protocol for both. We do know that COVID-19 is quite contagious which is the primary reason I will get the vaccination - to hopefully protect both you and me. (I know there is much heated debate on this issue. Please don’t judge me if you disagree. I won’t judge you either).

Amidst all the debate about COVID-19 in general and now whether or not to get the vaccine, I thought I would share information that I’ve accumulated through the past few years about vaccinations in general.


Be sure to get plenty of sleep for the week before getting a vaccine. According to Matthew Walker, author of Why We Sleep, the effectiveness of the vaccine is greatly increased if the recipient gets “good sleep” for the week preceding the shot. I don’t recall the exact research numbers, but it was impressive! (By the way, this was one of my favorite books in the past year - I highly recommend it).