Spring Brings Hope

After our governor announced a 2-week stay at home order to slow the spread of COVID-19 today, I went for a short walk and was reminded that much of what we may need is growing all around us.

Mullein showing some new, fuzzy leaves. 3/25/20.
Motherwort looking mighty happy in the rain, 3/25/20

I came across several motherwort plants popping through the dried grass and leaves - at the ready in case we need a little calming over the next weeks. Or perhaps a little help with our digestion.

And there are some new leaves growing out of the middle of some mullein rosettes that have been asleep all winter. If we need some mullein leaf for respiratory help in the next weeks, it will be grown enough to make some nice, fresh mullein tea.

For more information about motherwort or mullein leaf, check the forum area under Herb by Herb. I decided to update information in that area as each plant becomes available in our area. I'll let you know which I've done as I go. Another thing I decided is to link to other herbalist's monographs available online that I like regarding each one. (Why reinvent the wheel? Many herbalists have posted extensive monographs for each plant. I would rather spend my time growing those plants!). However, some monographs can become a bit overwhelming, so I've added some personal observations from using them myself.

The possibility of motherwort helping digestion caught my attention when I read this article a couple days ago. The idea of COVID-19 manifesting initially as digestive issues makes me wonder how much supporting our digestive system might help in either resisting or reducing the effects of the virus. And of course, one of the best herbs for digestion, in my opinion is, dandelion root (anyone taking one of my classes knows I am partial for all things dandelion). So, along with supporting our immune system right now, don't forget your digestive system - dig up a dandelion root, eat a leaf of motherwort, eat some bitter greens. Stay well.