Summer's Comin'

The calendar claims it's January 4, 2022, but summer's just around the corner! How do I know this? I received my first batch of seeds yesterday! I had ordered them a couple months ago when Pinetree, a company I have ordered from for around 40 years, was holding a sale. Shortly after, their labeling machine broke down and the order arrived yesterday. Selfishly, I'm glad that machine broke down because getting seeds in January is far better than getting seeds in November! My blood is pumping and I'm actively browsing through my two other much used seed companies, Strictly Medicinal and Richters.

If there are any plants you would like to have included in the garden this year, please let me know in the next couple weeks. I will place the orders by the end of January to ensure getting them to start some varieties early.

The beauty of naturally dyed linen!

Further inspiration, if you need any, from Vanessa, a local friend who dyes textiles, just sent me this photo of naturally dyed linens. Beautiful! I am also happy to grow plants to be used for purposes other than making medicines..

To whet your appetite, here are some of the new ones I received yesterday:

Pink Dandelion - how could I not try growing pink dandelions!

Mexican Mint Marigold



Tree Basil


Nicotiana, white (not new to me, but will be new in the you-pick garden)

Unicorn plant

Corsican mint

Wild basil

For descriptions of each of these, check the Pinetree website.

You can see from the photo, there are a "few" others I ordered too - some for my yard, some for my kid's gardens, some old standards like spilanthes and white sage. I am so excited!

By the way, if you plant veggies, you might want to check out Pinetree. Their packages contain more seed than any other company I have ordered from, they are usually quite timely (unless their label machine breaks down, which they did email about right away), and I have appreciated the quality of their seed over the past decades.