Tasty and Healthy Dip

Decided I needed a little mental boost in our deeply white winter here. So I threw this dip together - a rather good sized batch, I admit. Enough to last for several days. Maybe. I change it up everytime I make it, depending on my mood..

Here's how I made it this time

- Almond Butter, ½ cup (can use any nut butter)

- Honey, ¼ cup. (I use local, raw honey)

- Bee pollen, ½ teaspoon, for an extra boost and bit of sunshine

- Digestive Support Powdered Blend, 2 Tablespoons. (I usually use the Adaptogen blend, but felt my digestion needed a bit of a boost today).

You could add any powdered herbs you enjoy. Cinnamon is always good!

- Cacao beans, roughly ground, 2 Tablespoons (gives a nice crunch)

Stir all together.

Add warm water to thin to whatever consistency you desire.

Wonderful on fruits, toast, crackers, pancakes, muffins...

In the photo, I thinned the last of it down to drizzle over bananas. I may sprinkle some pecans over the top...

Mighty fine.