Tea Time?

This may seem like an odd invitation, but would anyone like to join me for a cup of tea on Tuesday morning (1/26/21) at 9:30 AM? I want to try out Messenger as an option for meetings and thought this might be a good way to do that. No agenda. Not even able to serve you any tea, actually. But I would enjoy simply chatting with you and catching up a bit - and no one even has to clean their house for this little get-together. If this interests you, click here around 9:30 on Tuesday and we'll see if this works... Supposedly, you do not have to have a FaceBook account to join in - I want to check that out, too.

Speaking of tea... I appreciated this this article about the benefits of tea, specifically sage or perilla (shiso) tea, for preventing or treating COVID-19. I don't know much about the availability of perilla locally, but we all have access to sage, dried (in the bulk section of our local Just Food Co-op) or often fresh in the produce section. If you made any sage infused honey last summer, that would also be great to add to tea - or just eat out of the jar!

Of course, there are also many articles touting the benefits of green tea for all sorts of issues, including COVID-19. And, of course, there are articles that say there is not "proof" supporting that claim. Oh well, as I tell my kids about much of my herbal advice to them: "It's not gonna kill ya and it just might help." Personally, I like the idea of matcha tea, a powdered Japanese green tea, as you are actually drinking the entire herb, not just steeping the leaves and then straining them out. If I am in a hurry, I just add the powder to water as a sort of "instant tea" or add it to my daily oatmeal.

Totally unrelated to tea, here is another bit of information I came across this past week. It appears some expert(s) have identified a "Covid tongue" as a new symptom for COVID-19. I found that very interesting as tongue diagnosis has been used for centuries as part of the toolbox for determining imbalance in one's body. I don't have personal experience with anyone actively sick with COVID-19 to compare their tongue description with. But it's intriguing to see the tongue being used for diagnosis in allopathic medicine, also.