The Day No One Believed

Easter. The day no one believed. Say what?! There are about 40 people that regularly read my blog. I probably know around 20 of you pretty well. As far as our spiritual beliefs, some of you have beliefs similar to me, some are a bit different, and a few have no belief at all. There are a couple days in history that we all would have been on the exact same page - the days between Jesus' execution by crucifixion and his resurrection a couple days later. When Jesus died, all hope died with him. The hope that he was the savior of the oppressed Jewish nation at that time, the hope of a better way of living, and countless other hopes died when Jesus died. No one was planning to keep this new movement going because, after all, it seemed Jesus wasn't who he had claimed to be. And dead people stay dead.

Immediately following the crucifixion, there were no Christians because there was no Christ. But then. But then. But then, something happened. Somehow, I don't understand it, but Jesus was resurrected and, because of his resurrection, we have hope again. And I do mean, we. God loves us all, as well as all creation, regardless of we think of him. Regardless of what is happening in the world around us. Because of his resurrection, there is indeed hope for all creation. And for me. And for you.

We watched several different church services today - had plenty of time! My favorite was Andy Stanley's church in the Atlanta, Georgia area, North Point Community Church. He always give me something to think about... check it out. If you want to skip up to Andy's "sermon", go up to the 20 minute point. Worth the time.