There's An Herb For That!

(Saint) Hildegard of Bingen has been my focus of reading the past few weeks due to a couple of "coincidences". A website focusing on her life and work, Healthy Hildegard, kept popping up in my herbal searches and I appreciated their plant monographs as well as healthy insights. Then a local woman stopped by the you-pick garden while picking up her neighbor's CSA share last week and mentioned that she has led Hildegard of Bingen retreats and asked if I had ever heard of Hildegard since much of her work dealt with the plants. Crazy, huh! So I've been reading more about her online as well as listening to a novel of her life, Illuminations, by Mary Sharratt. (Tip - it is available as an online audio book through Hennepin County Library).

The first sentence on the website page, Healing Plants: Hildegard's Seven Plants That Heal, states "There’s an herb for that! You can use healing plants and herbs to treat virtually every ailment". OK, that caught my attention! A woman after my own heart. I had to read more. She was a German Benedictine abbess, living in Germany, 1090-1179. Among her many accomplishments, she is considered to be the scientific founder of natural medicine in Germany, with many of her writings and herbal uses still in use today. Fascinating indeed. On this rainy August day, I encourage you to take a minute and check out the Healing Herbs of Hildegard of Bingen.