Thoughts From the Garden

Yes, it is hot indeed. And it looks like it will be like this for awhile. Kinda feels like summer, I guess. Might as well soak it in. Christmas is less than 6 months away, after all.

Wild prairie area at farm, July 6, 2020. Simply beautiful.

If you haven't had a chance to come out to the garden, please visit soon. It is beautiful. Lots of gorgeous plants waiting for you to gather them and use them to make medicine. Be sure to check the What's Ready section of this website. I took several photos to post, but am having difficulty getting them transferred to my laptop to post here. Trust me - it's beautiful out there!

Are you looking for beeswax or honey. There are several beekeepers in the area. I've landed on Homestead Honey outside of Dennison. They have 10 lbs buckets of honey for $45 and 1 lb. beeswax blocks for $8. I'm going to place an order in the next few days, so let me know if you want any. Jenny, their delivery person, drops off at my house and you can stop by and pick it up off my porch and leave the money in an envelope which I will get back to her. So no need to pay until you pick it up.

I don't have any classes currently scheduled. If you would like to have one offered, please let me know and I'm happy to schedule one that fits your schedule. Then I'm assured that at least one person will be there - you!

Well, a short one today. I'm gonna try to figure out what's up with my photo sharing! I have lots of gorgeous pictures of plants to show off to you. I guess you'll just have to come visit!

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