Several people have contacted me privately about ticks. If any type of tick has attached itself to you, and even if you are "sure" you removed all of the tick, put plantain on the area. Plantain is great for pulling out "stuff", both dirt and tick parts as well as infection.

The best method is to find fresh plantain, macerate a leaf (chew lightly with teeth or crush firmly to get juice released), place on area and keep in place with band-aid, tape, whatever. Replace with a new plantain leaf on area a couple times a day. If you have plantain tincture and/or oil, I also use that along with the fresh plantain - covering as may bases as I can!

Do this for a couple days, or until area is healed over, indicating the area is clean as plantain will not allow any wound to close up until it is clean.

Reminder - do not use any form of comfrey to hasten healing. Comfrey will close up a wound even if it is not clean yet, trapping in potential infection.

All this said, if you know you have been bit by a deer tick, I also strongly encourage use of any medicinal interventions, including antibiotics. Lyme disease and other co-infections are nothing to be messed with. This comes from personal experience and is simply my personal opinion, but do look into it. I am happy to chat privately about this, also.

I obviously spend much time hiking in woods and prairies gathering medicinal plants. Here is how I attempt to be proactive with tick resistance - so far it has worked well for me: * I wear light colored pants and tuck them into my socks. I’ve treated those pants and a shirt with a tick repellent spray: https://www.amazon.com/Sawyer-Products-Permeth…/…/B01M4KFZME

And I wear high rain boots that have been sprayed with deet based spray. * When I get home, I throw my clothes in the washer and hop in the shower and scrub down well.

* I haven’t heard of any reliable non-deet spray for deterring ticks reliably. Anyone know of any?

* I did buy a tick removal tool last year - assuming I or someone in my family will come up with tick(s) at some point due to our house in the woods. https://www.amazon.com/Original-Tick-Key-Remo…/…/ref=sr_1_6… I haven’t had to use it yet, but my daughter-in-law has. (After which she did use plantain on the area!)