'Tis Medicine Making Season!

Medicine making season is officially in full swing!

To gather now: dandelion leaves (tincture), dandelion flowers (oil), plantain (oil and tincture), stinging nettle (tincture), creeping Charlie (tincture), cleavers (tincture)

Ready soon: Prickly lettuce (tincture), chickweed (tincture, oil), motherwort (tincture), mullein leaf (tincture).

These are just my suggestions. Other herbalists may also make other preparations of the same plants. And other plants to suggest. You can easily find information online. Or I hope to do a plant walk soon that will provide more information...

For more information on uses of these plants, see the forum section. And please feel free to add your uses to mine in the forum area.

For more information see Forum section on Wildcrafting.

For more information about how I make tinctures see blog post on tincture making basics.

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