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Updated: May 10, 2020

I forgot to give you an update about the Wild Ones/Northfield Prairie Partners Plant Sale Fundraiser that had been scheduled for this next weekend. It has been rescheduled to June 6. It will still be held on the far end of the main parking lot at Emmaus Church, same as past years. This is a great opportunity to get a broad assortment of native Minnesota plants, many of which are medicinal. I have volunteered to work there through the sale to give advice in that regard, as well as bringing extra plants of white yarrow, Monarda fistulosa, and other Minnesota native plants. Nancy Schumacher, organizer of the sale, brings hundreds of plants every year. Nancy is recently retired from operating The Vagary, outside of Cannon Falls, where she sold thousands of plants annually. Click here for a list of potential plants that she may be bringing to the sale. Other members also donate plants to sell. It's a fabulous sale and fundraiser, worth your time to check out. I sure do hope it can happen - I'll give more details as I hear them.

Moringa germinated and growing in the hoop house.

I'll post some other photos of the You Pick Garden and transplants on the garden photos page, but have to share this one here: Moringa trees that I started in the hoop house at the farm. A friend gave me a large assortment of seeds last year that she had received from a friend who didn't want them anymore. Moringa seeds were in the box, so thought I would try them. I think every one of them germinated and they are growing so fast. Gonna be fun! You're gonna have to visit this summer and meet some real-live Moringa trees!

There are also extra plants available for you to transplant, if you are interested in growing some medicinal plants of your own on your property. Check out the "What's Ready" page to see what is currently available. I hope to update that page weekly.

So, how are you all doing by now? I'm loving the sunshine and temps today. In fact, I am writing this while laying in a hammock between two pine trees in my backyard. The only thing that would make it better is if my grandkids were here. But then, I guess I wouldn't be laying here in a hammock calmly writing this if they were here! Still, I wish they were. But I will admit, I'm getting used to our "new normal" a bit, though often times I feel like I'm starring in the movie, "Groundhog Day"! Chatting this over with my husband, he pointed out that the Bill Murray character eventually decided that since he was living the same day over and over again, he might as well try to change/improve it each time. I've decided that's a worthy and kinda fun goal for these days that kinda run together. A chance to intentionally make each day better than the one before. (Even if I often have trouble remembering what day it is)! Who knows, maybe like Bill Murray, I'll teach myself how to play piano!

Things may indeed be different. And things may never return to what they were before. But things can still be good.

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