Videos About Making Herbal Remedies

Are any of y'all wondering how to make your own herbal remedies? I made some short videos showing my method (my version of the folk method) of making herbal remedies for a class I did for FiftyNorth (via Zoom) last week. I thought I would share those with y'all today, just in case you are wondering just how to make herbal remedies for yourself. And because it is a perfect day for gathering dandelion flowers. And leaves. And the whole plant.

DIY Tincture

DIY Herbal Vinegar

DIY Herb Infused Oil

DIY Herbal Ointment

Let me know if you have any questions, of course.

My demo-plant was dandelion, which just happens to be my go-to for many issues and overall support of every part of the body. Yep, I love dandelion! And, as I said, today is a beautiful day for gathering all parts of the dandelion. (Note - dandelion root for making dandelion root tincture is traditionally gathered in the fall, after a couple hard freezes. But you could certainly make a small jar of tincture now, too. It's so good to have on hand).

Here is a photo of the products I made as part of the class and made videos of.

I demo'ed everything but the pickled dandelion buds. I googled "what to do with dandelion buds" and came up with a vinegar, sugar, bayleaf blend I tried. It tastes OK, but not worth sharing. If you come up with a good recipe for using dandelion buds, please let me know! There are recipes for making "capers" with the small ones. That might be fun to try, too. Tip of the day - if you have kids at home with you, picking tiny dandelion buds could keep them busy for a long, long time!

I gathered a few extra leaves, buds, and flowers and came up with Dandelion Egg Scramble, sautéing the buds and leaves before adding the eggs and flower petals. Even my husband enjoyed it - but that may have been due to the bacon I added, too. And cheese.

And the Dandelion Flower Shortbread Cookies were delicious. I added a cup of dandelion petals to this recipe. This was the first time I've ever made shortbread cookies. It will not be my last!

Another kid tip - picking enough flowers and pulling the petals off those flowers will also keep kids occupied for a very long time!