Wednesday, April 8 Tips

Quick post about a few items today.

Reminder: North Country Herbalist Guild is meeting online this evening at 7:00. All are welcome, regardless of herbal experience. Matt Wood is hosting this meeting through his website and preregistration is required. Preregister here.

I enjoyed leading my first online class this morning with some members of FiftyNorth. Thanks to those of you who tuned in. I intended to record the class for those who couldn't make it, but forgot to hit that button in all my trying to figure out how it all works. Sorry about that!

I mentioned at the meeting that I am planning on doing another online class, "Growing a Backyard Pharmacy." With growing season so close, I'm going to offer that class online next week. On Monday and Tuesday I will have a YouTube video ready to view (working on that right now with my production crew) and then will hold a Zoom Q&A discussion at 6:30 on Tuesday evening. Please sign up for the class through my Classes page and I'll send you the link for the YouTube video, a handout that you can print out, and the Zoom group. I also placed catalogs of two of my most used seed companies, Strictly Medicinal and Richters, out on my front porch in a basket. Feel free to pick up copies of both, whether or not you sign up for the class. (Each company sends me a box of catalogs each spring to use in my classes so I have lots!)

My Creative Development Team is also working on another class about growing herbs particularly for a pandemic situation. Hoping to have that up and ready in two weeks. Stay tuned - I'll let you know what the team comes up with.

Last, for today, Holly (a regular in my local herb classes) sent me a link to a devotional she received yesterday and I thought it was particularly good - about soap! And "the remedies our ancestors believed in, the ancient ordinary things that have helped us for a long, long time". Check it out - and thanks Holly!

And a huge thanks to my Production Crew and my Creative Development Team for all their hard work in getting this ready. (Actually, both are simply Kerry, my husband - thanks, Honey).

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