"Weeds" Vinegar

Weeding season has arrived! Remember, other people's weeds are our herbal remedies! If the area has not been treated with chemicals, consider making an herbal vinegar with some of your weeds. It can be done with any medicinal weeds, such as Creeping Charlie or Plantain. But my favorite, and the only one I have bothered making, is Dandelion Vinegar.

Vinegar is great at pulling minerals out of any plant, giving you extra nutrition every time you use that vinegar. With that in mind, I think I'll make a vinegar with nettles this year, too, as it is so chock full of minerals. And perhaps horsetail... we'll see.

How I Make Dandelion Vinegar I typically make dandelion vinegar in the spring while weeding my gardens. Wash dirt off roots (and aerial parts if dirty). Let dry for a day or two to reduce extra moisture. Tear or cut up plants and place in jar. Cover with raw apple cider vinegar and cap tightly. Use plastic or lined lid. If metal on a lid would be in contact with the vinegar, use wax paper as a shield between the lid and the vinegar. Let sit 6 weeks (or so), shaking occasionally. Strain, use as you would any apple cider vinegar.

Suggestions for Use

Salad dressings, marinade for meats, sprinkle over vegetables Add 1+ tablespoons to a warm bath for a great soak - great tonic for skin and general health. I make at least 2 quarts of dandelion vinegar every spring.

Search online for many other ideas for how to make herbal vinegars, other weeds to use, tips on how to use them, and much more. I tend to keep it pretty simple with.