Are You Carrot Secure?

Updated: Jan 30

A moment of serendipity for me this morning - I've been scouring all my past documents about lung health, pneumonia herbal support, elderberries and cytokine storms, mullein leaf, how to jazz up chaga mushroom tea, kinda scattered all over as you can tell. In one of my documents about pneumonia care, I found this - not sure where I heard it or copied it from.

Drink a 12-oz glass of carrot juice with dinner. Add 1 tablespoon of pepper to make it more effective. Carrot juice can help the lungs greatly, and add antioxidants to your body’s damaged tissue. Carrot juice, in addition to being an excellent generator of vitamin A, can be rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B-complex. Cayenne pepper will raise the efficacy of the carrot juice.

Open Hands Farm Carrots - Delicious!

Then I get this email from Erin and Ben, at Open Hands Farm, growers of the best tasting, sweetest carrots I have ever tasted. They're like eating candy! I also have an offer to anyone living in Northfield: I would be happy to pick up carrots for you and deliver to your porch - just mail a check to Open Hands or pay for the carrots online as indicated in their email. I don't want to collect any money - or have any contact at all, actually. Here's the email:

Hi friends,

We hope you are doing as well as can be with this new reality that we are all in together. It is new and different than anything we have every dealt with in our lives here in America. We will all be moving through it together and hopefully, we can all benefit from different aspects of this amazing community that we have in Northfield.

Our hearts go out to people out of work and those dealing with food insecurity and all those that are dealing with many many of the ramifications of this kind of outbreak. This is a hard time and we send love to all of you. Please know that we are here and are happy to help in any way that we can.

And also know that we have your back when it comes to carrots! In fact, we have over 10,000 pounds of carrots tucked away in our root cellar right now.  Which is why we are writing to you all today. One of the many unforeseen consequences of all things closing is that we may not be able to sell all of our carrots this spring. Our largest customers in the winter are public schools and colleges. Most of them will still be buying and serving food, but at much much lower amounts than normal. As you know, farms run on super slim margins, so when one, like ours, is faced with losing thousands of dollars in sales, it is a big deal.

Which leads us to our carrot sale this week! We normally sell them for $1.25 per pound in the winter, but this week we will be selling them for $.90 per pound, our usual wholesale price. They will be for sale by the 25 pound bag (these will be food service grade). We know this is a lot of carrots at one time, but we do not have the extra labor at this point to separate the bags into smaller amounts, and we can't have customers grabbing carrots from a communal bin. We want to minimize the points of contact with each carrot. We have been inspected by the USDA for food safety practices for several years now and have lots of procedures in our daily routine to protect your health every day, and have increased our vigilance and caution even more lately.  Our crew wears gloves while sorting and also washes their hands frequently, and the carrots that we are selling this week were washed weeks ago and have not had any human contact since then.

These carrots will be good in your fridge for 1 to 2 months. They could also be kept in a well managed cooler in your garage (please make sure the temperature stays close to 33 degrees for maximum storage and flavor). They could also be made into soups to be frozen for future eating or in carrot juice to aid in your health.

In order to limit exposure, we will keep 5 or so bags on a cart outside of the greenhouse (north side) and you can grab a bag and put your money in the box. PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE OR PAY VIA VENMO OR SEND A CHECK IN THE MAIL. IF PAYING BY VENMO, PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE IN THE BOX TELLING US THAT YOU ARE DOING SO. WE WILL NOT HAVE A PEN THERE TO LIMIT CONTACT EXPOSURE, SO PLEASE WRITE A NOTE AT HOME OR IN YOUR CAR.

IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU DO NOT COME IN THE BARN THIS WEEK.  PLEASE DO NOT OPEN THE BARN DOOR, OR KNOCK. Our crew will be in the barn, but we do not want to expose them to too many people.

Sorry for the extra precautions but as a food establishment we hope you understand.

The carrots will be out from 9 to 5 on Tuesday and Wednesday. They are $22.50 per bag.

Be carrot secure and help support a small local farm at the same time!

This is open to anyone, please feel free to forward.

With gratitude,

Erin and Ben