Add ¼-½ teaspoon of powder to hot water or warm milk of choice.  Let it sit for a minute or two to hydrate the powder.  

No need to strain your "tea" or dispose of a tea bag; so easy to use wherever you are.  

Also try adding to kombucha, kefir, lattes, or actually any beverage for an extra nutritional boost - and a beverage with fiber! 

I carry a packet in my bag so I can add it to beverages or menu items when on the run, too.  

Tips for Beverages:

The powders do not dissolve completely, so you may notice particles either floating in your beverage or settling on the bottom of your mug.

To get the benefit of ingesting all of the herbs, stir occasionally while drinking to keep the powders suspended in the liquid.

If you wish, adding a sweetener such as raw honey helps to maintain the suspension and enhances flavor.

Adding the powders to lattes or smoothies hides the powdery mouth feel completely and adds a nutritional boost at the same time.

The powdery taste has never bothered me.  I enjoy the healthy taste and the idea of a "tea" with fiber.

My favorite powders for drinking plain with only hot water are Calm Energy (I drink every morning to start the day), Astragalus Chai, and Digestion Powders.  However, I do drink all of them occasionally as I enjoy all of their tastes.  Otherwise, I wouldn't make them!


This has become a regular dessert or snack for us.  I hope you enjoy it, too.

To 1 Tablespoon nut butter, add 1 teaspoon of a powder blend and ½ teaspoon raw honey.  I often add a teaspoon of raw cacao powder, also, for a chocolate flavor, as I love my chocolate.  You can also add other spices or flavorings, such as cinnamon powder, vanilla extract or powder, nutmeg...  If it becomes too thick, I typically add a small amount of whatever powder tea I might be drinking or some coconut milk.

Tips for Dips:

Great for dipping apples, bananas, pears, graham crackers, other fruits or crackers, of course.

My favorite nut butter to use is almond butter - yum!  But any nut butter you like would work great.

My favorite powders blends to use for these dips are Adaptogen Powders, Digestion Powders, Astragalus Chai Powders, Mineral Powders, or Roots Powders


Instead of cinnamon sugar to put on toast, we now have a container that contains 2 Tablespoons raw honey with 1 teaspoon herbal powder, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, and 1 teaspoon soft butter or ghee.  Stir it all together and use it on toast or bread.  Can spread it in one step, with no cinnamon sugar sprinkles to clean up later!  And raw honey is much better for you than sugar!

This is also tasty as an alternative to the jelly portion of a PBJ sandwich, too.

Also tasty on hot vegetables such as cooked carrots!

Same as for dips, my favorite powders for this are Adaptogen Powders, Digestion Powders, Astragalus Chai Powders, Mineral Powders, or Roots Powders


We start most mornings with a bowl of steel cut oats, to which I add a teaspoon of Adaptogen Powders.  

Any of the powders make find additions to smoothies.  I add whichever I think we most need at that point.

Easy to add ½ 1 teaspoon of a favorite herbal powder to yogurt, applesauce, soups, sprinkle on salads, add to soups, and so on...  

As I mentioned earlier, I carry at least one package of herbal powders in my bag to have handy through the day to add to beverages or foods I might be purchasing on the run.  Adds a nutritional punch and a bit more fiber - need both in my days!

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