Four of my favorite roots to help one
feel more "grounded" during times of stress.  

Roots Blend

Dandelion Root (raw).  My top favorite herb both due to taste and to its many health benefits.  I try to have dandelion root every day in some form.  Do an internet search for benefits of dandelion root and you'll be amazed!

Burdock Root.  Another pleasant tasting root.  Great for liver support.  The fresh root can be used similar to parsnips and carrots.  It is great in stir fry, roasted, added to soups, etc. 

Solomon's Seal Root.  Another tasty fresh root both in foods and as a beverage.  

Marshmallow Root.  Yes, marshmallow is a type of plant. In fact, marshmallows were originally made with marshmallow root and were actually good for you back then!

Each plant on its own is a powerhouse of nutrition — together they are an unbeatable team.

All are very mild tasting and make a great addition to all sorts of foods — smoothies, oatmeal, applesauce, nut butter, dips, soups — or add to your favorite latte or chai.  It's that good!