I am zealous when it comes to quality!

All of my tinctures are crafted as small batches using fresh plant material from herbs I have either grown myself, organically, or wild-gathered locally, ethically, and in "clean" areas to avoid contamination.

I make it a practice to gather the correct part of the correct plant, at the correct phase of its growth, at the correct time of day, using only healthy and vibrant plants.  This ensures the freshest and most potent herbal remedies.

Unless noted otherwise, I use 100-proof vodka to extract a plant's constituents. 

My "top ten" favorites — this collection should handle just about anything.

  • Calendula:  lymphatic mover and support, SAD, antiviral, wound healer, digestion, so much more! 

  • California Poppy:  one of our go-to herbs for sleep, relieve tension headache

  • Dandelion Root:  liver health, improve digestion, skin health, actually supports everything!

  • Elderberry:  immune system go-to for prevention and treatment of colds and flu, vision health

  • Motherwort:  for all things heart related: heart palpitations, strengthen heart, normalize blood pressure, broken heart

  • Mullein Leaf:  go-to for all things lungs and breathing, supports and nourishes the lungs

  • Prickly Ash:  sharp, stabbing pain, poor circulation, cold fingers or toes

  • Sage:  antiviral, sore throat, poor digestion, hot flashes

  • Spilanthes:  best antiviral around, mouth sores, pain

  • Yarrow:  all things blood - stops bleeding, heals wounds, normalizes blood pressure, reduce fever


These didn't make it into my "top ten" list, but are ones I use or suggest often, depending on what needs balancing.

  • Bitters Blend:  great to use before eating or after a heavy meal to improve digestion

  • Burdock:  great liver support, skin health

  • Goldenrod:  hay fever, cat allergy, ease digestive issues, ease excessive fatigue

  • Lady’s Thumb:  food sensitivities, internal dryness, improve digestion, ease fatigue

  • Plantain:  slow internal and external bleeding, hay fever, blood cleanser, sinusitis, move lymph

  • Prickly Lettuce:  ease anxiety, ease negative thinking, PTSD, circular thinking that keeps you awake at night.

  • Reishi mushroom:  enhance immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, lessen fatigue

  • Skullcap, American:  stop circular thinking or overstimulation, calm muscle tension, ease stress related anxiety

  • Solomon’s Seal:  for all things musculoskeletal.  Helps to realign spine, ease joint and muscle strain and pain, speed the healing of breaks and sprains,

  • Tulsi / Holy Basil:  increase resilience to stress of all sorts, mental clarity, improve digestion, support immune system​

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1 oz. dropper bottle      $7
2 oz. dropper bottle    $12

Looking for something that doesn't appear on these lists?  Check out my complete list of tinctures and herb-infused oils.

Please feel free to contact me about the use of tinctures and other herbal remedies.  There is no one-size-fits-all herbal remedy or protocol for any one illness.