You-Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden
Plants to Share, 2021
Plants are ready for transplanting now!
Transplanting is easiest and more successful if done while plants are little.

Anise hyssop

Arnica (Arnica chamissonis variety)


Bugleweed (Lycopus americanus)


Cornflower, blue

Evening primrose


Lobelia inflata


Sage, Lyre leaf (Salvia lyrata)

Skullcap, American

Skullcap, Barbat


Most plants are ready to be transplanted already!  Contact me to set up a time to meet at the garden or at my house.  Bring containers for transporting your plants.  I'll do the digging while you do the labeling and organizing in your containers.  There are LOTS of plants to share this year as I need to clear space for new plants I am hoping to add this year.  Pretty exciting!


I do not have a set price for the plants.  Same as for the You Pick Medicinal Herbs Garden, a freewill donation is appreciated and will be put right back into the garden itself.  Click here for more information about that.


This worked very well last season.  We covered the costs of the garden and I had enough seed money (pun intended)

to rationalize ordering some plants and seeds this year that I've never splurged on before.  Check out the list of new plants I hope we'll add this year, thanks to you!

Thanks to all of you that made this possible!  I'm livin' my dream...